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In defense of the Hamilton Forum


February 20, 2020

As students who have been actively involved in Alexander Hamilton Forum lectures, debates and dialogues, we write to defend deliberating on the Green New Deal.

At very least, read the news “Pass/Fail”

At very least, read the news “Pass/Fail”


October 10, 2019

New students, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that this place has a unique ability to block out the rest of the world.

Does Middlebury Make Us More Moral?

By Harry Zieve-Cohen

February 18, 2015

Not so long ago, colleges made a promise that sounds a bit strange today. Administrators and faculty promised not just to teach students knowledge and skills, but to make them better people. Our communications department might like to highlight the good Middlebury students do, but few students enter Mid...

Burlington Drafts 5-Year Education Plan

By Alessandria Schumacher

December 3, 2014

The Vermont State Board of Education (SBE) has drafted a strategic five-year plan for education statewide, specifically addressing the unusually high cost per pupil in Vermont and the achievement gap.  The board has approved a draft of the plan and is seeking public comment on the plan until Dec 4. ...

Vt. House Considers School District Overhaul

By Conor Grant

April 9, 2014

Vermont’s education may be in for an historical overhaul if legislation passed in Vermont’s house of representatives last month passes at the end of this legislative cycle. The proposed bill, H.883, would radically consolidate public education in Vermont by reducing the number of school districts in the s...

Vermont High School Students Are Now Able to Enroll in College Full-time

By Alessandria Schumacher

March 5, 2014

Within 16 months of graduation, only 60 percent of Vermont’s high school graduates enroll in post-secondary education. In an effort to increase attendance, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin introduced his early start degree program this December, which allows high school seniors to enroll at one of six...

MCAB Speaker, KIPP Charter Schools Founder Speaks on Education Reform

KIPP schools co-founder Mike Feinberg speaks in Mead Chapel on May 7. (Paul Gerard)

By Isabelle Stillman

May 8, 2013

  Mark Feinberg, co-founder of the Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) charter schools and superintendent of KIPP Houston, opened his address to Mead Chapel last Tuesday, May 7, with a description of a traditional Masai warrior greeting. “How are the children?” says the first Masai warr...

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