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College Grants Tenure to Four

By Viviana Altamirano

January 22, 2014

At the December 2013 Board of Trustees meeting, Professor of Philosophy Lorraine Besser-Jones, Professor of Economics Nicholas Muller, Professor of French William Poulin-Deltour, and Professor of Political Science Amy Yuen were promoted from assistant professors to the rank of associate professor without limit of...

Poll Seeks Info on Attendance

By Emily Singer

December 4, 2013

During the week of Nov. 18, prior to Thanksgiving break, the Faculty Council, in consultation with members of the administration, sent a survey to all faculty with the goal of learning about pre-vacation attendance policies across the College. Classes are typically held on the Monday and Tuesday before...

Spotlight on Engaged Learning

By Nate Sans

November 20, 2013

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) organized a panel on project-based and experiential learning at the College. Faculty members from an array of academic departments presented on hands-on teaching and learning techniques they have employed in their own classrooms. Albert...

Staff Award Recipients Revealed

By Nate Sans

October 30, 2013

Four staff members at the College were honored with Staff Recognition Awards last week. This year’s award recipients were selected by the 2012 Staff Recognition Award winners based on recommendations from colleagues praising their service to the College in leadership, stewardship, attitude and community...

Professor Talks Greatness on Constitution Day

By Joe Flaherty

September 25, 2013

Does the Constitution make America a great nation? On Thursday, James W. Ceaser, professor of politics at the University of Virginia, made the case in a lecture for the Constitution as the wellspring of American greatness. Professor of Political Science Murray Dry introduced Ceaser, explaining...

Five New Professors Join Science Staff

By Toby Aicher

September 18, 2013

It can be intimidating to step into a professor’s office. With complex computer algorithms scribbled on black boards and overflowing shelves filled with worn books, the causes of intimidation are vast. Speaking with PhDs about their area of specialty and intense focus can be a daunting experience for...

College Grants Tenure to Seven Faculty

By Kyle Finck

January 23, 2013

The College awarded tenure to seven faculty members at the end of December, a decision which provides the opportunity to examine the thorough and complex process by which a professor becomes a permanent member of the College faculty. The Board of Trustees promoted Assistant Professor of Biology Catherine... Fires Essig for Blog Post

Associate Professor Laurie Essig's blog on (Campus/Jessica Munyon)

By Peter Murray

January 16, 2013

Laurie Essig, associate professor of sociology and women’s and gender studies, was recently informed by that her blog position would be “sunsetted” as a result of a post she wrote regarding the Newtown, Conn. shootings on Dec. 17. In her last post, Essig confronted issues of mascul...

McKibben Receives Honors for Activism

Bill McKibben's

By Molly Talbert

January 16, 2013

On Dec. 29, the Burlington Free Press named Bill McKibben, Schumann distinguished scholar at the College and Ripton resident, Vermonter of the Year for 2012. “This was the year of growing recognition that a string of weather events, from violent storms to record-breaking droughts, was having a p...

Faculty Update Quorum Number

By Jess Berry

November 14, 2012

On Monday, Nov. 12, the College hosted its monthly faculty meeting in McCullough Social Space. Prior to the meeting concerns were high regarding attendance after last month’s quorum of over 50 percent of faculty was challenged. The quorum was met, however, and the meeting proceeded as scheduled, with...

Science Departments Seek Three New Faculty

By Ben Anderson

November 7, 2012

Both the neuroscience and biology departments are looking to add faculty members to start in the fall of 2013. The two departments are working together to find a single candidate to fill positions in both departments. The biology department is looking for a candidate independently who will fill the position...

Faculty Strive for Meeting Quorum

By Jess Berry

November 7, 2012

On Monday, Oct. 1, Associate Professor of Mathematics John Schmitt objected to the quorum that was called during the monthly faculty meetings. When the moderator deemed the quorum was in fact not met, the meeting was adjourned until the following month. The quorum for the monthly faculty meetings requires...

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