College Hosts ‘What Can Feminism Speak To?’ Dialogue

College Hosts ‘What Can Feminism Speak To?’ Dialogue


October 4, 2017

Students and faculty gathered to listen to the dialogue between Katha Pollitt and Janell Hobson in an event titled “What Can Feminism Speak To?” in Wilson Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 27. The lecture presented the topic of intersectional feminism and the realm of womanhood throughout all aspects of life...

Chinese Feminist Fights Guerrilla Wars

Chinese Feminist Fights Guerrilla Wars

By Yvette Shi, Arts & Sciences Editor

May 3, 2017

In China, a country with the world’s second largest economy, women create 41 percent of the GDP. In 1990, Chinese women’s annual salary was about 80 percent of their male counterparts. Six years ago, the number became 60 percent. Simple statistics like this, regardless of the complex reasons behind ...

Workshop Empowers Female Leaders

By Rod Abhari

March 14, 2013

On Saturday, March 9, the 37th anniversary of International Women’s Day, around 50 female students and one male journalist filled the McCullough Social Space for ElectHer, a five-hour political leadership workshop designed to help women get elected into political office. Each student at the event...

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