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Campus conservatives divided over Murray’s upcoming visit

By CAROLINE KAPP February 13, 2020
Current and former members of College Republicans divide over the decision to invite Charles Murray to speak on campus for the third time.

Former ACLU President Nadine Strossen talks free speech

By TONY SJODIN February 13, 2020
Former president of the ACLU Nadine Strossen spoke about the historical importance of free speech for civil rights movements and the rights of minority groups in the first talk of the Critical Conversations lecture series.
Arabic, Korean, and Italian language schools took place at Mills College in Oakland, Calif.

Confronting the CIA: Arabic student acquitted of protest policy violation

By HANNAH BENSEN September 19, 2019
A petition is now circulating demanding that Middlebury Language Schools end its relationship with the CIA.
Students launch new publication Middlebury Independent

Students launch new publication Middlebury Independent

By SARAH ASCH September 12, 2019
Students Joey Lyons ’21 and Quinn Boyle ’21 are receiving external funding for the Independent, which will feature long-form opinion pieces on controversial topics.

Moss Pushes False Narrative… Yet Again

As a future attorney and accidental free-speech advocate, I have been particularly concerned by Professor Kevin Moss’s recent false attacks on political science professors in the fallout from the Legutko lecture cancellation.

Alumni Stand Behind Jeff Byers

As alumni of the Middlebury Chemistry Department and former students of Professor Byers, we are truly disheartened by the recent events that transpired as a result of an insensitive Chemistry exam question.

Letter to the Editor: What are the Liberal Arts?

From a distance of years and hundreds of miles, it appears Middlebury is unmoored and has lost its distinct sense of self as a place apart.

Dear College: Reject This Tale of Two World Views

National politicians and news media have painted Middlebury as being at the center of an irreconcilable conflict of values.

President Patton, Right the Ship. Please.

By GRIFFIN HALL April 25, 2019
Seniors at Middlebury will remember President Laurie Patton’s inaugural campaign to promote “rhetorical resilience.”

A Failure of Leadership

By JOEY LYONS April 25, 2019
Two years after the Charles Murray incident, Middlebury finds itself again ridiculed in the national press.

In Defense of Jeff Byers

By ELLIS GLICKMAN April 18, 2019
A month ago, I took a chemistry test that asked me to calculate the lethal dose of hydrogen cyanide.
Political Science professor Sarah Stroup, the faculty head of the training program and one of the professors who spear-headed the grant application.

College Gets Grant to Fund Discourse Post-Murray

By KENZO OKAZAKI September 27, 2018
With a grant of $800,000, the college hopes to facilitate several workshops over the next three years to tackle navigating controversial ideas.
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