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Violent Imagery Drawn on Classroom Chalkboard

Violent Imagery Drawn on Classroom Chalkboard


November 1, 2017

A racially charged image depicting college spokesman Bill Burger plowing into Addis Fouche-Channer ’17 with his car was found on a chalkboard in Munroe Hall.

Open Letter to President Patton


November 1, 2017

Dear President Laurie L. Patton: The hateful graffiti photographed by a student in Munroe Hall undoubtedly relates to the incident of racial profiling involving Addis Fouche-Channer after the Charles Murray protests. The graffiti also implicates Bill Burger, who is known to have driven the escape ve...

Vandalism Raises Controversy On Campus

By Caroline Agsten

May 6, 2015

As the latest addition to the wave of graffiti found across campus, more spray-painted words, stenciled images, and stickers were found on the Ross complex, Atwater Dining Hall, Bicentennial Hall, McCullough Student Center and Axinn early last week. The probing messages behind the graffiti work and t...

Anonymous Graffiti Found Across Campus

By Jason Zhang

March 18, 2015

Earlier last week, a series of anonymous graffiti paintings appeared across campus, sparking debate and concern. The graffiti pieces were found at BiHall, Forest Lounge, the Center for the Arts, Virtue Field House, Warner, Hillcrest, Ross and Munroe, according to Facilities Services and student sources....

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