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What does it mean to be an activist at Middlebury?

“A lot of people who are leading activist charges, it’s the same group of people over and over,” said student activist Taite Shomo ’20.5.


November 14, 2019

Students engaged in a variety of change-making efforts, both on-campus and off, report unique challenges that come with navigating activism at the college.

Map Project Marks Locations of 108 Campus Sexual Assaults and Harassments

Battell and both Atwater Halls were among the most reported sites of sexual assault, according to the map produced by It Happens Here.


March 7, 2019

Red dots cover the map of Middlebury’s campus. Nine on Battell, four on Proctor and one each on Axinn, Twilight, Munroe and the Admissions Office. Each dot represents one person’s experience of sexual assault or harassment

Map Project Marks Locations of Sexual Assault On Campus

The 2013 Map Project details sexual assault at locations on campus.

By Ben Dohan

November 1, 2018

The Map Project creates a visual form to display the reality of sexual assault specifically on Middlebury's campus.

Middlebury: Where White Supremacists, but Not Survivors, Are Worthy of Free Speech

January 24, 2018

Since its founding in 2012, It Happens Here has provided an anonymous storytelling platform to highlight survivors’ voices. As we have engaged in this work, we have also acknowledged that survivors don’t owe anyone their stories, and that sharing one’s experiences with sexual violence can come a...

Professors Share Stories of Hardship and Home for ‘It’s Not What You Think’ Series

Professors Share Stories of Hardship and Home for ‘It's Not What You Think’ Series

By Anastasia Capatina

March 16, 2016

While students learn countless lessons from their professors — often through hours absorbing lectures and taking notes of problem set solutions or discussion points — there are certain subjects that, over months and years of class, go unaddressed. Last Thursday’s installment of “It’s Not What...

IHH Packs McCullough Again

Reading a narrative at the third annual It Happens Here event. (Campus/Rachel Frank)

By Eliza Teach

January 22, 2014

Students packed McCullough Social Space to the brim on Monday evening for the third annual It Happens Here (IHH) storytelling event, with overflow seating and a live-feed held in Crossroads. Members of IHH presented fourteen accounts of sexual violence submitted by students at the College. Luke Carr...

IHH Event Planned for January

By Emilie Munson

December 4, 2013

It Happens Here (IHH), a student group that raises awareness of sexual assault at the College, announced that it will be holding its third annual storytelling event on Jan. 20 in the McCullough Social Space. Founded by Luke Carroll Brown ’14 and Margo Cramer ’12 in 2011, IHH works to promote conv...

Students Share Stories at IHH

By Isabelle Dietz

April 24, 2013

  The tagline for the It Happens Here (IHH) event Monday, April 22, was “Let’s talk about what we don’t talk about.” At 7:30 p.m. the McCullough Social Space was filled to full capacity — with organizers forced to turn people away at the door to watch in Crossroads Café — as audienc...

Students React to “It Happens Here” Event

Students React to

By Charlotte Gardiner

April 23, 2013

On Monday, April 22nd, students and faculty gathered in the McCullough Social Space. Student organization, It Happens Here, organized a reading of Middlebury student monologues detailing personal experiences with sexual violence. Of the twenty-three submissions, seventeen were read anonymously and five by a...

It Happens Here Travels to Capitol

By Emily Singer

March 6, 2013

On Thursday, Feb. 28, five students and two faculty members represented It Happens Here (IHH) at a White House event to mark the culmination of the first National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention month. Luke Carroll Brown ’13.5, Caitlin Waters ’13, Addie Cunniff ’13, Kristina J...

IHH Map Displays On-Campus Assaults

The It Happens Here exhibit is on display at the Davis Family Library. (Jessica Munyon)

By Emma Eastwood-Paticchio

February 13, 2013

On Sunday, Feb. 10, It Happens Here (IHH), a sexual assault awareness student organization, revealed the results of their Map Project, showing the student-submitted locations of over 100 incidents of sexual assault that have occurred on campus. The map, which is currently on display in the Davis Family Library atrium...

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