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Direct Your Attention: An insider’s look at America’s outsiders

By Owen Mason-Hill September 17, 2020
Upon first glance, Andrew Callaghan is like any other news anchor: he wears a suit, holds a mic and stands in front of an ever-present cameraman.
The Middlebury Independent: Koch or woke?

The Middlebury Independent: Koch or woke?

By ELLIS GLICKMAN February 20, 2020
I’m editor-in-chief of The Middlebury Independent. I won’t play coy: I’m aware of the sentiment against us.
On empathy and reporting: It’s complicated.

On empathy and reporting: It’s complicated.

By EDITORIAL BOARD November 21, 2019
We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but this semester has been a chaotic one in the world of student journalism.
The student journalist’s dilemma

The student journalist’s dilemma

By ALEX NEWHOUSE November 21, 2019
On November 10, journalists from The Daily Northwestern posted an editorial apologizing for the way in which they covered student protests of a speech by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Vanessa Ruiz gave a lecture, “Speak American: How A News Anchor Became the News,” on Monday, Nov. 4 in the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs.

“I look at bilingualism as an asset, nothing less”

By ZEKE HODKIN November 7, 2019
The PBS news anchor and professor-of-the-practice at Arizona State University gave a lecture detailing her multiple career changes, the backlash she faced for pronouncing words in her accent and the benefits of diversity in the field of journalism.
For brand promotion, look elsewhere

For brand promotion, look elsewhere

By EDITORIAL BOARD September 12, 2019
A college newspaper is not a public relations office.

Please, read this newspaper

If you thought you and your friends kept up a lively group chat this summer, you should have seen ours.

Appreciation for Excellent Student Journalism

By JASON MITTELL May 9, 2019
Please take a moment to consider and appreciate what you are reading — not this specific op-ed, but the larger newspaper or website of The Middlebury Campus.
How the New York Times Taught Two Campus Editors to Hope (and Write Better Headlines)

How the New York Times Taught Two Campus Editors to Hope (and Write Better Headlines)

By SARAH ASCH and BOCHU DING April 11, 2019
The New York Times Student Editors Conference was like a small, hopeful oasis in the middle of busy Manhattan. 

Notes from the Desk: Best Summer Ever, Right in My ‘Backyard’

By JAMES FINN February 14, 2019
I see the main force keeping students from spending summer here as a failure on our (students’) part to realize what this county has to offer.

A Press for the People

By MATT SMITH November 15, 2018
While the president’s disregard for the truth is troubling, his blatant disrespect and animosity for the press is even more disconcerting.
We Need More Like The Noodle

We Need More Like The Noodle

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD November 8, 2018
As the editors of Middlebury’s “biggest waste of time and resources,” we would like to extend our warmest congratulations to “Middlebury’s only news source.”
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