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Reporting on 15 Elections: How Time Flies

Reporting on 15 Elections: How Time Flies


November 1, 2018

It doesn’t seem possible, but I’ve covered 15 election cycles in Vermont.

Dear My People: Slavery Never Ended, It Just Found New Forms


October 25, 2018

This isn’t just a question of recognizing the abuses and dehumanization that our ancestors committed, although that would be a step in the right direction.

Derk Sauer Talks Media Marxism and Mafia in Russia

By Adrian Leong

October 9, 2013

“It was like a scene from the Godfather,” Derk Sauer said as he was speaking in front of the audience in the RAJ conference room last Thursday. He was describing a scene in which he met with a Russian oligarch who wanted to offer him protection, in a casino in Moscow; it was 11 a.m., and he was surrounded...

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