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Lucia Evans ’05 on Midd, #MeToo

Lucia Evans ’05 on Midd, #MeToo


February 13, 2020

Lucia Evans ’05 was one of the first to bring legal charges against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. The alleged assault took place the summer before her senior year at Middlebury.

Student Who Posted ‘The List’ Faces Discipline


January 24, 2018

The student who posted a “List of Men to Avoid” on Facebook last month, Elizabeth Dunn ’18, is now facing disciplinary action after the list prompted a judicial investigation into potential violations of college policy. According to Dunn, administrators said it was “highly likely” that Du...

VT Executive Branch Self-Mandates Sexual Violence Training

Commissioner Beth Fastiggi


January 24, 2018

MONTPELIER-- After the revelations of sexual misconduct by such public figures as Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, and Matt Lauer, the #metoo movement continues to carry momentum, prompting action to prevent sexual harassment. On Dec. 22, Vt. Gov. Phil Scott, updated his office’s ethics poli...

How We Move Forward After ‘The List’


January 24, 2018

As our campus entered finals period a month ago, a list, inspired by the #MeToo movement, was published on Facebook. This list cited many male students, approximately 35 of them, as being complicit in gender-based violence, describing each of their behavior in parentheses next to each name. The list lo...

Middlebury: Where White Supremacists, but Not Survivors, Are Worthy of Free Speech

January 24, 2018

Since its founding in 2012, It Happens Here has provided an anonymous storytelling platform to highlight survivors’ voices. As we have engaged in this work, we have also acknowledged that survivors don’t owe anyone their stories, and that sharing one’s experiences with sexual violence can come a...

Grappling With ‘The List,’ By the DMC Board

January 24, 2018

Daniel Silva (Faculty Advisor for DMC): Current circumstances have provided, and indeed, pushed for a long-overdue discussion within DMC concerning its role in relation to the college community and larger society. Thankfully, the current board is overwhelmingly supportive of not only the sexual abuse...

What Is Justice?


January 24, 2018

On December 13th, a list was released on Facebook that fractured an already tense student body. The list published the names of 33 “Men to Avoid” on campus next to their stated offenses. Upon reading the register, I could feel the pain and frustration of its author. This was the action of a perso...

Student Accuses Over 30 Men of Sexual Misconduct on Facebook


December 23, 2017

A list that appeared in dining halls and dorms accused 33 current or former students of an array of offenses, ranging from emotional manipulation to serial rape.

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