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Notes from the desk: A roadmap for the summer

Notes from the desk: A roadmap for the summer

By Bochu Ding May 29, 2020
"Trying times call for trying new measures," writes Editor in Chief Bochu Ding '21. "As we all embark on an 'unprecedented' summer, we at The Campus are looking forward to navigating these uncharted territories alongside you."

Notes from the desk: This team’s hard work was not inevitable

By SABINE POUX May 14, 2020
I think all my people on The Campus know exactly how I feel about them because I tell them, often, in a way that sometimes makes me feel like an overbearing grandma who can’t stop pinching her grandchildren’s cheeks.
Notes from the desk: To prospies, from The Campus

Notes from the desk: To prospies, from The Campus

By BOCHU DING April 28, 2020
During Preview Days every year, The Campus invites prospective students to our office to give them a sense of how we covered the college that year. If we were all on campus together, prospies, this is what we'd share with you.
Notes from the desk: A return to “Street Haunting”

Notes from the desk: A return to “Street Haunting”

By ELLIE EBERLEE April 27, 2020
"Nine decades before I’d heard the term 'coronavirus,' Woolf anticipated not only the necessity of escaping, but the literal and figurative refuge found by returning."

Notes From the Desk: On Critique

By NIA ROBINSON November 15, 2017

There has not been room to talk about the importance of students’ roles in this issue with administration, so I’m going to make it. For context, this will stay aligned with Thursday’s town hall,...

Notes From the Desk: Flags in the Wind

By DOMINICK TANOH October 4, 2017

As a Chicago Bears fan, I’ve always found football season a source wasted hope and flat out disappointment. A blowout 21-point loss to the Green Bay Packers seemed like another fitting end for an aggressively...

Notes From the Desk: Clarifying Our Byline Policy

By WILL DIGRAVIO October 4, 2017

In last week’s issue of this paper, we published an op-ed entitled, “Faculty Support Wrongly Accused Student.” As the byline indicated, that piece was written and submitted by “Middlebury Faculty...

Class-Conscious Organizing at Midd

By EDWARD O’BRIEN May 10, 2017

There has been a lot of talk since Trump was elected about leveraging one’s privilege to do good. That is exactly what the Moving Money Campaign is about. It’s all too common to hear liberal college...

White Normativity is Classed

By Edward O'Brien, Middlebury Student May 3, 2017

Racial and economic oppressions recently have been thrown at each other in Trump era politics as if one contradicts the other. In part, the white poor have started claiming oppression as their own, claiming...

Free Speech vs. Civil Disobedience

By Thomas Leaycraft , Middlebury Student April 26, 2017

March 2, the day of the Charles Murray talk, was never going to be easy for Middlebury. Free speech and civil disobedience, two of our nation’s most challenging and sacred traditions, seemed to collide....

The Risk of Reversing After The Fact

By Alessandria Schumacher, Middlebury Student April 26, 2017

In the weeks since the Charles Murray event, many of our peers have been called in “to talk” with administrators about their actions. Many have left those talks with punishments. Others of us, myself...

We Need to Complicate Dialogue About Race and Class

By Edward O'Brien, Middlebury Student April 26, 2017

As I discussed in last week’s column, racial oppression and economic oppression are intimately linked. This week, I want to look a little more closely at the mechanisms of racial and economic oppression...

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