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Responsibility of Free Speech

By Maggie Caputi

December 10, 2015

The First Amendment is arguably the most defining piece of the United States’ Constitution; “defining” in the sense that it effectively provides a foundation for the American ideal of liberty, which is central to our country’s political identity. The First Amendment affords us the opportunity...

End the Culture of Doing

By Ethan Brady

December 10, 2015

One student at the stress forum last Wednesday said that the goal while pursuing a degree at Middlebury is to optimize the experience. That means finding the “perfect” balance between schoolwork, clubs, and social time. It means if I don’t maximize my daily activities, I might lose out on what...

The State of Our Endowment is Strong

By Guest Contributor

November 11, 2015

I read with interest the opinion piece by Ethan Brady, “The State of the Endowment,” and I feel it’s important to address some of what Ethan discussed in his piece and to provide some important context and facts that readers of the Campus can use to make up their own minds. Yes, the one-yea...

Nihilism? Not Yet.

By Emily Bogin

October 19, 2015

Written in response to David Mnitsa’s “Ignorance is Bliss” Last week’s op-ed, titled, “Ignorance is Bliss,” accepts as a premise that life is meaningless. Writer David Mnitsa then claims that the best way to get around our fundamental state of despair will be through the ...

To the Educated Millenial

By Jack Desbois

October 14, 2015

It’s the here and now that’s important; the next life will sort itself out. This is the conclusion I’ve come to in my ponderings on mortality and the afterlife, ponderings on which I imagine nearly all people dwell throughout their lives. I also imagine that many individuals in my dem...

Dear CCI: A Response

By Maddie Orcutt

October 14, 2015

Written in response to Josh Berlowitz’s “Dear CCI: Cease and Desist” In last week’s addition of the Campus, Josh Berlowitz (’16) wrote an op-ed that was framed as a cease and desist letter to the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI). I was slightly perplexed that days after Josh’s...

Correcting the Record on Story about New Residences

By Guest Contributor

October 8, 2015

To the Editor: We are writing to correct one significant error in last week’s Campus article about the construction of the new student residences and to address another misleading impression that article created. Contrary to the writer’s assertion that Middlebury has “outsourced the majority...

How About a New Kind of Politician?

By Benjamin Tindall

October 7, 2015

Thirteen months before the 2016 presidential election, we’re already hearing about the candidates in the news every day.  Personally, I am tired of listening to the same batch of politicians debating virtually the same issues from the last election cycle.  In large part, this stems from the fact...

Venture for America

By Guest Contributor

October 7, 2015

If you’re currently a senior, a super-senior or an ambitious more youthful individual, you are probably beginning to have some existential thoughts as you look towards life after Middlebury. As Middlebury students, we spend our college careers in a place that is remote in all senses of the word. It...

Dear CCI: Cease and Desist

By Josh Berlowitz

October 7, 2015

Dear CCI, Thank you very much for your recent emails encouraging me that the job hunt is “not meant to be stressful.” However, after receiving almost an email per day from you over the past month, I think it’s high time we changed the dynamic of our relationship. Your encouragement has started t...

Can Middlebury Spark a ‘Slow Learning’ Movement?

By Guest Contributor

September 23, 2015

In December 1989, delegates from 15 countries endorsed the Slow Food Manifesto, which began: “Born and nurtured under the sign of Industrialization, this century first invented the machine and then modeled its lifestyle after it. Speed became our shackles. We fell prey to the same virus: ‘the fast...

Israel and Palestine: A Call for Nuance

By David Yedid

May 6, 2015

The year before I came to Middlebury, I lived in Israel for ten months while studying on a college leadership program for North American Jews. In many ways that year, I was given a single story of what Israel was. I left loving Israel and wanting to move there forever. I still feel very connected to...

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