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The new system was approved in a vote with 309 members of the faculty, even though initial decisions were made by a smaller ad hoc academic continuity group.

Faculty reject universal credit/no credit grading model, vote ‘yes’ on opt-in system

By RAIN JI April 17, 2020
The new system, which puts forth an opt-in credit/no credit model, bears similarities to the current opt-in Pass/D/Fail system.

A student’s refutation of the opt-in pass/fail policy

By MENDEL BALJON April 16, 2020
"After reading the open letter to faculty on the opt-in policy yesterday, I felt the need to respond with counter-arguments."

An open letter to faculty on the opt-in policy

"Stripping students of grades raises serious concerns about Middlebury’s commitment to academic freedom, a principle outlined in the college’s handbook. Even off campus, we know the product we signed up for. Honor that."
We endorse the mandatory credit/no credit grading system

We endorse the mandatory credit/no credit grading system

By EDITORIAL BOARD April 14, 2020
"We recognize that this debate has been a contentious one, with arguments on both sides meriting careful consideration. That said, we find the sheer amount of waffling — on the part of both administration and faculty — unsettling."
Today's Faculty Council meeting took place on Zoom and was attended by 250 participants. It was the first faculty meeting since the college suspended in-person classes last month.

Grading debate stretches on as faculty consider mandatory credit/no credit system

By RAIN JI April 10, 2020
Faculty members motioned to change Middlebury’s current grading policy to a mandatory credit/no-credit system this morning. Faculty will vote to either approve or deny the motion at a meeting next Friday, April 17. 
Students can declare Pass/D/Fail using an electronic form from the Registrar’s Office.

Update: College maintains opt-in Pass/D/Fail policy

By BOCHU DING April 3, 2020

The college will not alter its current opt-in Pass/D/Fail grading policy after student groups called for changes to the existing guidelines, but will extend the deadline to invoke the option to May 8,...

Grading takes center stage as students prepare for unprecedented shift to online classes

Grading takes center stage as students prepare for unprecedented shift to online classes

By TONY SJODIN March 28, 2020
Students organized the #FairGradesMidd and #OptInMidd petitions, generating buzz among students and faculty, after the college announced an opt-in Pass/D/Fail grading policy.
On Tuesday, the Registrar’s Office sent an email to all students with an electronic form to declare Pass/D/Fail.

College offers Pass/D/Fail option for all classes in spring semester

By BOCHU DING March 17, 2020
Do you plan to invoke the Pass/D/Fail option this semester? Let us know in our poll.

Faculty Debate Future of Pass/Fail

By Ethan Brady November 18, 2015

At their plenary session on Nov. 6, faculty introduced a motion to reinstate the Pass/D/Fail option for Middlebury undergraduates. The Pass/D/Fail (P/D/F) option, which was approved by the faculty in May...

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