A Lesson?

By Bettina Matthias, Middlebury Faculty

March 9, 2017

Earlier last week, a letter made it to my inbox which I was asked to sign. In this letter, members of the faculty voiced their opposition to the idea that President Patton would introduce controversial speaker Dr. Charles Murray before his invited lecture on Thursday, March 2nd. Given the informatio...

Letter to the Editor

By Richard W. Porter, Middlebury Alum

March 9, 2017

Dear President Patton, I am sorry to make your acquaintance in the wake of such ugliness at Middlebury. Obviously, the scope and the scale of the Honor Code violations that occurred at the American Enterprise Club event present a challenge to you and ultimately to Middlebury as a liberal arts inst...

This Is Not My Protest: Navigating Uncertainty in the Wake of the Murray Talk

By James Scott, Middlebury Student

March 9, 2017

I acknowledge that my views may not sit well with some of my Middlebury peers. I also encourage everyone — whether or not you initially agree — to try to sit with this discomfort and question its origin. I showed up an hour before the talk ready to protest and express my disagreement with not ...

Playing to Win

By Day Robins and Maddie Hack

March 9, 2017

We got played last week. That was a major point in Middlebury sociology professor Linus Owens’ poignant op-ed on last week’s events surrounding the Charles Murray visit. To Phi Hoxie ’17 and Alexander Khan ’17, the president and vice president of the American Enterprise Institute club: you guys won th...

Letter from a Non-Community Member

By R. Curtis Brand, Non-Middlebury Reader

March 9, 2017

Dear Middlebury: Although I am not a Middlebury Alumnus, I have written a sufficient number of tuition checks to your institution to feel that I have earned the right to comment upon the recent student protest over Charles Murray's scheduled presentation. Stated briefly, your successful effort to p...

On Charles Murray at Middlebury

By Adin Insoft, Middlebury Student

March 9, 2017

There are numerous reasons to want to challenge Murray’s ideas and research. Some believe that one of his books, The Bell Curve, is very offensive, as it shows that IQ scores and overall intelligence are based on some aspect of genetic superiority, classified by race and gender. In all honesty, I have ...

Charles Murray, Middlebury, the Working Class and the Rise of Trump’s America

By Charles Smith, Middlebury Student

March 9, 2017

I saw a handful of signs at the Murray protest that read “Working Class.” Of course, I can’t say with any certainty what the background of the people holding those signs is. They could very well be from the working class. However, given the socioeconomic reputation of Middlebury College, I’m go...

Do Better Middlebury

By Ben Arquit, Middlebury Student

March 9, 2017

“What happened at your school?” This was the question I faced repeatedly from my family and friends in the days following the Charles Murray talk. The protesters seem to be happy at what they accomplished, but the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the chaos of this past Thursday comes not only f...

Letter from the AEI Club

By Phil Hoxie, Alexander Khan, Hayden Dublois, and Ivan Valladares

March 2, 2017

Debate, disagreement, criticism and controversy. These define the American experiment and our experience as citizens. We think, argue and act because we have always cared deeply about the state of our country and the future of the American project. This clash of ideas has shaped our history, and is as ...

Letter from Middlebury Faculty

By Cohort of Middlebury Professors, Middlebury Faculty

March 2, 2017

Dear President Patton, We the undersigned faculty respectfully request that you, as our president, cancel your introductory remarks at the Charles Murray event on Thursday. Mr. Murray is, as you know, a discredited ideologue paid by the American Enterprise Institute to promote public policies targetin...

Why Murray Should Speak, And We Should Go

By Joanna Satterwhite, Middlebury Student

March 2, 2017

Before I begin, let me provide a statement of credibility: I voted for Bernie in the primary, I voted for Hillary in the election, and I have a “label GMO’s NOW!” sticker on my laptop—I am a card carrying liberal. I have to say this because I know that without such a shameful appeal to the Lefti...

White Students for Racial Justice Opposes Charles Murray

By Wonderbread, Student Organization

March 2, 2017

No one’s humanity is up for debate. By hosting a speaker whose ideas dehumanize many students on our campus and cause very real harm both here and across the nation, Middlebury is providing support for oppressive forces already at work on campus. Charles Murray has defended and supported white supremacy,...

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