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Reel Critic: ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’

Aaron Sorkin’s new Netflix film is set during the aftermath of the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. COURTESY OF HOUSTON PRESS.
October 29, 2020
Around an hour and a half into “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” clean-cut antiwar activist Tom Hayden stares down rabble-rouser Abbie Hoffman.

Reel Critic: ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble’

Reel Critic: ‘John Lewis: Good Trouble’
October 8, 2020
In one image from the historic 1965 Civil Rights march, the activist John Lewis kneels, pushed to the ground with his hand cradling the back of his head.

Reel Critic: ‘Boys State’

September 17, 2020
It’s hectic, clamorous but riveting. This is "Boys State."

Reel Critic: ‘The Exterminating Angel’

Reel Critic: 'The Exterminating Angel'
April 16, 2020
Luis Buñuel's 1962 film is a story of a quarantine house from hell, blending political and class critique with psychological horror.

Quarantine streaming recommendations

View from the front row: Arts editor Owen Mason-Hill reports from his spot overlooking the television, at press time streaming “You” on Netflix.
April 16, 2020
Check out these six titles on Netflix and Hulu if you want to make the most of streaming time during quarantine.

Reel Critic: ‘Les Misérables’

Reel Critic: 'Les Misérables'
March 12, 2020
The latest installment in the Hirschfield Series brings viewers to the streets of Montfermeil, a modern look at a scene from Victor Hugo's 1862 book, with a dark and striking representation of inequity, institutional violence and hypocrisy.

Reel Critic: ‘Bojack Horseman’

Reel Critic: 'Bojack Horseman'
February 27, 2020
Even in its last season, "Bojack Horseman" brings artistic animation, self-awareness and surprise to the screen.

Reel critic: ‘Atlantics’

Reel critic: 'Atlantics'
February 27, 2020
The latest installment in the Hirschfield International Film Series, Mati Diop's clever futuristic film delivers romance, social commentary and action.

Reel Critic: ‘And Then We Danced’

Reel Critic: 'And Then We Danced'
February 20, 2020
In the context of highly intense Georgian dance troupe, Levan Akin's film explores romance, sexuality and class.

Reel Critic: ‘1917’

Reel Critic: '1917'
February 13, 2020
Winning the Oscar for Best Cinematography, "1917" is a new take on the genre of war film, intensely personal.

Reel Critic: ‘Uncut Gems’

Reel Critic: 'Uncut Gems'
January 23, 2020
This film packs a heavy and intense combination of emotion, tension and questions of inner worth and beauty.

Reel Critic: ‘The Lighthouse’

Reel Critic: 'The Lighthouse'
November 21, 2019
This black-and-white, technically rich film portrays the psychological tensions as Wake and Winslow, keepers of a lighthouse off the coast of New England, navigate their power dynamics and solitude.
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