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Let’s take grades off their pedestal

"Let’s be real. Grades are reductive."

Our approach to changing the grading policy shows how a Middebury education is failing us all

"Our mission statement claims to welcome change. But we were so caught up in trying to preserve our grading system that we were unable to think of creative solutions to this problem."
The new system was approved in a vote with 309 members of the faculty, even though initial decisions were made by a smaller ad hoc academic continuity group.

Faculty reject universal credit/no credit grading model, vote ‘yes’ on opt-in system

By RAIN JI April 17, 2020
The new system, which puts forth an opt-in credit/no credit model, bears similarities to the current opt-in Pass/D/Fail system.

A student’s refutation of the opt-in pass/fail policy

By MENDEL BALJON April 16, 2020
"After reading the open letter to faculty on the opt-in policy yesterday, I felt the need to respond with counter-arguments."
This spring has been marked by an extended debate over the way students remote work should be graded, with questions of equity taking center stage.

When it comes to grading, who has the last word?

By TONY SJODIN April 16, 2020
Just as the administration seemed to have made a final decision to enforce an opt-in Pass/D/Fail system, faculty motioned for the college to adopt mandatory credit/no-credit grading for this semester.

An open letter to faculty on the opt-in policy

"Stripping students of grades raises serious concerns about Middlebury’s commitment to academic freedom, a principle outlined in the college’s handbook. Even off campus, we know the product we signed up for. Honor that."
We endorse the mandatory credit/no credit grading system

We endorse the mandatory credit/no credit grading system

By EDITORIAL BOARD April 14, 2020
"We recognize that this debate has been a contentious one, with arguments on both sides meriting careful consideration. That said, we find the sheer amount of waffling — on the part of both administration and faculty — unsettling."
Desperate times call for flexible measures

Desperate times call for flexible measures

By EDITORIAL BOARD April 9, 2020
"We started out this remote experiment thinking about how to adapt the structure of lecture halls to our laptops, but we should also be envisioning ways to bring the intimacy of our Zoom screens back to our classrooms."

It’s time to change how we think about grading

By JASON MITTELL April 1, 2020
"Increasing transparency and student agency improves learning."

Optional Pass/D/Fail is community failure

By LILY COLÓN April 1, 2020
"What drives the pushback against universal pass/fail is the unwillingness of privileged Middlebury students to forego the unmerited benefits they receive from said privilege."

Notes from the desk: In support of universal Pass/D/Fail

By BOCHU DING March 28, 2020
"The current opt-in Pass/D/Fail system presents an illusion of choice."

Universal pass/fail puts grades before learning

By TIM HUA March 28, 2020
"We should not ask ourselves how we can make sure everyone receives the same on-paper outcome, but rather how we can help those who need support."
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