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Sex Panther

Taking sex off the table

By SEX PANTHER January 23, 2020
By choosing to not have sex, even though that was clearly his expectation for the night, she felt that she had messed up her chance to be with him.
Sex Panther

Sex Panther: Dating … with style

By SEX PANTHER November 14, 2019
Hello, everyone, and welcome to cuffing season! As the temperatures drop, the number of couples sky-rocket.
Sex Panther

Starting a conversation about STIs

By SEX PANTHER October 17, 2019
Gather around the fall leaf-fueled campfire; let’s talk about STIs. I’ll start by saying that you should not be having unprotected sex.
What’s loneliness got to do with it?

What’s loneliness got to do with it?

By SEX PANTHER October 3, 2019
At Cocoon the other night, a short prompt, written on a small piece of paper, was handed out to the audience.

Sex Panther: Crush Lists

By SEX PANTHER May 9, 2019
So you want to make a crush list? Great! But before you do, maybe take a second to read through these pointers.
Sex Panther: Relationship Structure

Sex Panther: Relationship Structure

By SEX PANTHER May 2, 2019
I’ve been thinking a lot in the past few weeks about relationship structures and hookup culture here at Midd.
Sex Panther: Let’s Talk About STIs (And Other Things) Baby!

Sex Panther: Let’s Talk About STIs (And Other Things) Baby!

By SEX PANTHER April 18, 2019
If you don’t start honing your communication skills, then you are setting yourself and the people you interact with up for failure and frustration.
Sex Panther:  Emergency Contraception

Sex Panther: Emergency Contraception

By SEX PANTHER April 11, 2019
There is one thing I never, never want to hear during sex. “I think the condom just broke.” That one’s a real mood-killer.

Sex Panther: F*ck Foreplay

By SEX PANTHER March 21, 2019
What could a sex-positive Sex Panther possibly have a vendetta against in the world of all things sexy?! Foreplay, of course. 

Sex Panther: Get to Know Yourself

By SEX PANTHER March 14, 2019
I have a confession, sex kittens. Commence the boo-ing and throwing of rotten vegetables. 
Sex Panther: Keeping it Exciting

Sex Panther: Keeping it Exciting

By SEX PANTHER March 7, 2019
This week’s Sex Panther is coming to you from a person in a committed relationship on campus.
Sex Panther: Give Lube Some Love

Sex Panther: Give Lube Some Love

By SEX PANTHER February 28, 2019
Let’s talk about lube. No, really. We need to have a heart-to-heart.
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Sex Panther