More Is Needed to Combat Rape Culture

More Is Needed to Combat Rape Culture


March 14, 2019

The concept for the Map Project is simple: an aerial view of Middlebury’s campus populated with a series of red dots, each one representing an instance of sexual assault or sexual harassment that has occurred on campus.

Former Dartmouth Students Accuse School of Failing to Protect Them from Sexual Assault


November 29, 2018

Former Dartmouth students come forward to accuse Dartmouth of doing little to prevent sexual assault, but the college responds with assertions that the campus is committed to the safety of all of its community members.

College Sponsors Sexual Assault Awareness Month Events, Keynote

By Elizabeth Sawyer

April 20, 2017

On April 11, sex and relationships educator Kate McCombs delivered the keynote address of the College’s programming for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAPM). McCombs spoke about the importance of enthusiastic consent. “Enthusiastic consent is more than just ‘can I touch you?’”...

Performance Art Piece Raises Awareness of Sexual Assault

Performance Art Piece Raises Awareness of Sexual Assault

By Elizabeth Zhou

May 12, 2016

Partygoers passing through the Chromatic social house last Saturday night may have been met by a surprising sight: four individuals, in varying states of undress, standing by the entryway with purple handprints painted over their abdomens and cardboard signs in their hands. Student bodyguards stood beside...

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