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Dining staff were tasked with preparing meals and delivering them to students’ doors during the first few days after their arrival.

As students arrive to campus, dining staff work overtime

By Roya Touran March 4, 2021
Some members of Middlebury dining staff worked over seven days in a row and more than eight hours a day in the weeks leading up to the start of the spring semester.
Staff undergo temporary reshuffling while students are away

Staff undergo temporary reshuffling while students are away

By Katie Futterman January 28, 2021
The college rearranged staff departments after most students left campus in November, temporarily moving certain staff to different jobs and allowing them to hold onto their Combined Time Off during the break.
Will Anderson ’20.5, who has worked in the dining hall since the fall of 2017, serves pasta.

Behind the counter: Dining staff face longer hours with fewer hands

By Sophia McDermott-Hughes October 1, 2020
Campus reporter joins the Proctor Dining Hall staff to get a peek into what the lives of staff and student workers look like during the age of Covid-19
Staff, cautiously optimistic, face increased workload as students return

Staff, cautiously optimistic, face increased workload as students return

By JAKE GAUGHAN September 10, 2020
“I think the administration is doing that best they can, with having students come back," said one longtime dining employee. "Was it the right decision to have on campus classes? It is such a double edged sword, but we can only hope for the best.”

Concerned Alumni Support the AAUP

"For many of us, our relationships with faculty and staff remain our strongest continued connections to the College," wrote several alumni. "We trust the College will honor its commitments to Middlebury’s mission, and to the staff and faculty who uphold it."
In the last two months, relations between administrators and staff have become strained as the global health crisis puts financial and logistical strain on the college.

Admin-staff relations tested by health crisis

By Amelia Pollard and Sabine Poux May 14, 2020
As the college faces significant logistic and economic challenges from the health crisis, relations between administrators and staff are being tested in a way they have not been before.
A whiteboard in the facilities building this March announced that most open positions were in the process of being filled. In the fall, when there were significant vacancies in facilities, that board typically listed the positions that were open.

Freeze puts hiring on pause, though many positions were already filled

By ROSE EVANS May 7, 2020
As part of its commitment to pay continuity for existing staff, the college has frozen all hiring that had not been completed before the transition to remote learning.
In the new system, staff — including many “essential” facilities workers, will end up working fewer hours. The days they will be forced to take off because of the stay-at-home mandate will come out of their Covid-19 Pay Banks.

“Stay Home, Stay Safe”: stricter guidelines reshape college’s plan for staff

By AMELIA POLLARD April 2, 2020
The college's game plan identifies "essential workers" and reduces the number of staff on campus at any one time.
College employees were all-hands-on-deck as students were asked to move out mid-semester due to Covid-19.

The college’s ‘first priority’: continuing staff wages

By AMELIA POLLARD March 22, 2020
At Middlebury--the largest employer in Addison County--the college’s crisis management team has developed a roadmap for maintaining staff wages after most students departed during the unfolding pandemic. 
Students protest for higher staff wages

Students protest for higher staff wages

In response, the college reiterated its commitment to reviewing wages for positions in lowest pay bands. "It took student action to get the college to address it," said College Landscape Horticulturalist and Staff Council President Tim Parsons.

Filling in the gaps: on institutional pride and a living wage

By TIM PARSONS November 21, 2019
I personally want to thank The Campus for excellent recent coverage, editorials and overall support for staff here at Middlebury. These have been trying times for many of us.
Ask Tré

Ask Tré

By TRE STEPHENS November 14, 2019
If you had the power to change one thing about Middlebury College campus culture today, what would it be and why?
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