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Midd clubs get creative to bridge the geographic gap

Middlebury Discount Comedy most recently performed

By Rachel Lu

April 16, 2020

Two-and-a-half weeks ago, President Laurie Patton signed off her college-wide email with Middlebury Discount Comedy’s rendition of “Imagine,” urging the community to use imagination and support each other while off campus. Embodying the message, student clubs have continued to function as creative outlets and community spaces...

An ode to orgs: new (and old) students, get involved!

An ode to orgs: new (and old) students, get involved!


September 19, 2019

Whatever you thought you knew about Middlebury College before, you will likely leave having made the following conclusion: To become a Middlebury student is to become involved. 

Appreciation for Excellent Student Journalism


May 9, 2019

Please take a moment to consider and appreciate what you are reading — not this specific op-ed, but the larger newspaper or website of The Middlebury Campus.

More Is Needed to Combat Rape Culture

Students could write and post comments on a board next to the map.


March 14, 2019

The concept for the Map Project is simple: an aerial view of Middlebury’s campus populated with a series of red dots, each one representing an instance of sexual assault or sexual harassment that has occurred on campus.

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