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Direct Your Attention: At the October Apple Event, come for the tech, stay for the cinematic spectacle


By Owen Mason-Hill

October 22, 2020

Every few months, when Apple hosts one of their world-renowned events, I find myself eagerly counting down the seconds until the start. 

Technology services step up to make remote learning happen

Technology services step up to make remote learning happen

By Rachel Lu

May 14, 2020

8,000 Zoom meetings have been held since May 1, in contrast to roughly 700 per week prior to Covid-19.

College undergoes a rocky transition to Oracle finance system


November 7, 2019

The recent change has caused frustrating and challenges among students, faculty, and staff, who think that the system change occurred before Technology Services was prepared to address issues that arose with the software.

Surviving Midd Unplugged: One Student Goes Off the Internet for a Week

By Ben Anderson

November 13, 2014

Last Sunday, I walked into the editorial office a few minutes before 5 p.m., as I’ve done most Sundays for the past two years, eager to discuss whatever it was we had decided to editorialize on that week. But instead of being greeted by the rest of the editorial staff, I found an empty and dark offi...

Faculty Divided on In-Class Laptop Use

By Jordan Seman

September 25, 2013

E-books, online textbooks and computer-based note-taking programs are growing in number and popularity, but faculty at the College remain divided over the use of computers in classrooms, opting for course-by-course policies instead of department-wide regulations. While a lack of cohesion among professors’...

Panel Discusses Role of Technology in Education

By Ilana Gratch

March 6, 2013

On Thursday, Feb. 28, Core and Change in the Liberal Arts, a committee formed by the office of Academic Affairs, hosted a panel discussion titled “Technology & The Liberal Arts.” The discussion was meant to explore how new technologies can be used to advance the College’s mission. The panel was moderated by Special Assistant to Academic ...

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