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Town and State Debate Bridge Reconstruction

Town and State Debate Bridge Reconstruction

By Annie Grayer

September 17, 2015

Throughout July and August, Middlebury residents and state officials have debated whether to replace two state-owned rail bridges in downtown Middlebury. Originally built in 1850, the two bridges, which are located on Merchants Row and Main Street, are in poor condition and in need of constant repair. According...

Residents Petition for Town Office Renovations

By Molly Talbert

November 13, 2013

Last Tuesday, Nov. 5 former Middlebury selectboard Chairman John Tenny announced a citizens’ petition drive regarding the future of the Middlebury Town Offices. The petition’s goal is to make sure that the 2014 Town Meeting Day ballot has a bond vote regarding the new buildings, which includes a...

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