Letter: Response to “Setting the Record Straight”


Re “Setting the Record Straight” (fourth page, Nov. 30)

Allow me to be more precise, for the record. “The CHAIR OF THE Sociology/Anthropology Department sought to rally the community to censor the Political Science department by demanding that we withdraw our co-sponsorship. In so doing, they abandoned long established norms of tolerance and open-mindedness, as well as collegiality.” See https://vtdigger.org/2017/02/26/grave-concerns-raised-controversial-middlebury-speaker/#.WgJQjxNSx-U and https://addisonindependent.com/201703speakers-planned-visit-middlebury-college-sparks-controversy.

When an individual self-identifies as the Chair of Sociology and Anthropology and speaks to the press, it certainly creates the impression that he is speaking on behalf of his colleagues. I chose the phrasing that I did to avoid writing an individual into the Congressional or public record, but since you are now publicly questioning my personal integrity, I have no choice but to do so.

Allison Stanger is the Leng Professor of International Politics and Economics at Middlebury College.