Letter: Response to “Response to Setting the Record Straight”


Re Response to Setting the Record Straight (online, Dec. 1)

As long as Prof. Stanger is advocating precision for the record, perhaps she could correct the description of the event at ASU, which currently reads as follows: “Professor Stanger was there to verbally challenge the speaker. She never got the chance, and the invited speaker never spoke.” There are at least two falsehoods in those two sentences, possibly three. She did get the chance to challenge the speaker and the speaker did speak. We have a link on the Middlebury website to prove that.

As to whether she “verbally challenged” the speaker, I suspect we disagree. I don’t find the following introduction to a discussion of The Bell Curve “verbally challenging”: “Please know that I believe your work has been unjustly maligned. Correlation is not causation, as you yourself have repeatedly pointed out. I don’t want to question your data from The Bell Curve. Instead, let’s assume your data is sound.”

But the other two falsehoods on the ASU website clearly distort the record to play into the dominant narrative used to defame the college and they should be corrected.

Kevin Moss is the Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Languages and Literature at Middlebury College. 

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6 Responses to “Letter: Response to “Response to Setting the Record Straight””

  1. Monty Dunbar on December 1st, 2017 6:04 pm

    Perhaps Stanger has to be even more precise, he didn’t get to speak as planned.
    Do you actually think that a webcast from a locked room while hysterical people are activating fire alarms and pounding on the walls counts as free speech and thoughtful debate?
    They were under threat of violence from the unhinged mob. A mob terrified that someone might actually hear his words.

  2. anon on December 1st, 2017 7:40 pm

    Yes, Dr. Stanger, please do as Dr. Moss requests. In fact, when you get a chance, please correct all the errors on the internet. Dr. Moss, would you please assist by providing her a Complete List of Errors on the Internet?

  3. Kevin Moss on December 2nd, 2017 1:28 pm

    This is an event she is participating in. Perhaps you don’t know, but major participants usually have a say over how they are presented. I would certainly try to correct any inaccuracies in advertisement of my own speaking engagements.

  4. anon on December 2nd, 2017 9:05 pm

    Well, you’ve sure made an interesting choice in calling for the correction–if it is a correction– in a public op-ed rather than by sending a personal email to Dr. Stanger. I guess we’ll leave it to readers to draw their own inferences from decision.

  5. Alum on December 3rd, 2017 2:14 pm

    “She did get the chance to challenge the speaker and the speaker did speak. We have a link on the Middlebury website to prove that”…..the shamelessness of this assertion is galling. Stanger and Murray had to conduct the interview/talk via remote telecast while in hiding from a violent mob, which later assaulted Stanger.

    Anyway: as an alum I think this public intra-faculty bickering is a bad look for the College, and I’m not sure what Moss is trying to accomplish here, because he’s making himself look petty and officious.

  6. Kevin Moss on December 8th, 2017 10:04 pm

    I agree it is definitely a bad look for the college, but I’m not the one going on a lecture circuit or criticizing my colleagues before Congress.

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Letter: Response to “Response to Setting the Record Straight”